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The verdict is in...People LOVE Lean Sheets!

Katie L.
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Jay A.
Terry U
Ellie P.
Kate M. NY OH
Patricia L.
Dakota B.
Michael E.
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We love the simplicity of Lean Sheets.

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They cover exactly what's on the MBE - not the entire subject.

Demetrius H.
Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Please keep doing what you do! Because of your “sheets” I passed the NJ bar! I just wished I had used them the first time around!

Orlando R.
Rutgers School of Law

Lean Sheets are the best!

Jeffrey O.
Honolulu, HI

Shout out to Lean Sheets for making a difference in the last few days.

Toni T.
Hamline University School of Law

Thank you again. The sheets are fantastic. The barbri material is very long and this will definitely help for memorization.

Angelo C.
Roger Williams School of Law

Great Outlines!! Great Communication!! Thanks!

Paul A.
Merced, CA

Passed 1st time in Georgia. Lean Sheets are the real deal.

Sam N.

A friend recommended a study tool called Lean Sheets - lifesaver. Highly recommend Lean Sheets.

Diana S., Ms-JD.org
UCLA School of Law

These sheets are incredible! I’ll be sure to let my fellow bar takers know about them 🙂

Patrick L.
Indiana University Mauer S.O.L.

I think they’re great!  I’m a first time repeater taking the New Jersey bar exam, and I am now working full-time as a law clerk.  I’ve been struggling with how/what to study, given the fact that busy schedule doesn’t allow for much study time.  Also, I had re-enrolled in the bar review course I took over the summer, but I found that their study material wasn’t effective for me- the material was exactly the same from the course over the summer, and I don’t have the time to go back and listen to all of the lectures all over again.  Given my situation, the Lean Sheets have been incredibly helpful for me. I’m impressed with how thorough the outlines are, yet still brief enough for me to quickly skim through and get what I need.  I also really love the evidence chart, I’m a big visual learner so this is a great study tool for me.  Thank you again!

Amanda W.
Western New England School of Law

LOVE my 3 pages each of Property and Con Law...plus the included separate diagrams for Estates and Equal Protection!

M'elle P.
Golden Gate University S.O.L.

I am taking NY this July, and this is by far the most helpful and amazing product I have seen and used since I started studying…Leansheets truly are a blessing that I will forever be grateful for.

Al. D.
Touro Law Center, NY

Hi! Purchased the Lean Sheets outlines last summer for the PA bar, and found them very helpful (passed – woo). Told quite a few people that this and Emanuel’s Strategies and Tactics were by far the most useful add-ons I found.

Brittany W.
Villanova U. School of Law

I previously purchased your lean sheets. I think they are fantastic!!! Thanks!!!

Erin R.
Hofstra Law School

Thank you and thanks for the notes. They are fantastic!!

Karin M.
New York, NY

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